Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Your Turn . . . Round-Up Time for Your Comments . . .

As I learn more about all of you from your phenomenal e-mails, I am still "light" on your 'posts' to this geo-mentoring 'blog'.

So it is one of those periodic "round up" times, as they say in Texas, please reply through your comment(s) as to what you are thinking today!

Hope to hear from y'all !  Geo-Chat


Unknown said...

This is really nice Bill, I am going to pass the message round about this blog , a nice way for geophysicists to catch up, post links to their perssonal page/presentations and read wonderful posts from other geophysicist!!!

Unknown said...

I do not think the whole geomentoring program is popular. What's wrong? One will expect that the enthusiasm from members, more especially student members will be much more than this! Or am I mistaken - missing something?