Monday, June 16, 2008

A Geo-Chat Interview with Dr. Mamadou Sanou Diallo

Geo-Chat: Welcome Dr. Diallo. Please tell me about your exciting efforts to launch a non-profit organization called the "Initiative for the Advancement of Education In Africa".

Dr. Diallo: Its all about inspiring young Africans to seek higher education. We tell you our story as Africans who have gone through the same situation. We use the opportunities from where we are to open the connections between academic institutions in the West and in Africa, and leverage the dessimination of knowledge through mentoring.

We want young people to recognize the importance of education for the development of the Continent.

We hope to lead by personal example. Some of us have experienced difficult steps to get where we are in our careers. We want to share our experiences to inspire future geophysicists, geoscientists, and others in all education disciplines.

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Dr. Mamadou Sanou Diallo

Ing. Institut Algerien du Petrole
PhD University of Tuebingen

ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company

Houston, Texas

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