Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Geo-Chat Welcomes Heather King - The University of Houston

Geo-Chat: Hi Heather! What brings us to this opportunity for a Geo-Chat conversation today?

Heather: I am working on my Master's in Geophysics at U of H (University of Houston) and I just finished my first semester there. I received my undergraduate degree in geology from the University of Wyoming. I am doing a summer internship at a major oil company in Houston this summer and I am having lots of fun!

"It's a rush !!!! "

Geo-Chat: This is great that you just happened to stop by and say a few words for Geo-Mentoring.

Heather: I would like to ask if anyone has any advice for a newcomer to the petroleum industry?

Please comment to this blog!

Geo-Chat: Wow, Heather, thank you !!! Let's see some advice for Heather . . .

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Anonymous said...

Heather - Enjoy yourself. Learn about the business aspects of E&P in addition to the technical aspects

Prof Alan Cohen, University of Louisiana at Lafayette (formerly at Shell Oil)