Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Geo-Chat Says Hi to Christine Morshedi - SEG SSAL Committee

Geo-Chat: Wow - what a day!!! Hi Christine! Isn't the SEG SSAL Committee the new SEG CUSP committee (what an acronym soup . . .)?

Chris: That' s right bill . . . .

Geo-Chat: I am excited about Geo-Mentoring and it reminds me of the Earth Science's Literacy Initiative Workshop that you just participated in.

Geo-Chat: Can you say a FEW words . . .

Chris: ESLI was an opportunity for earth scientists to formulate a list of essential curriculum BIG IDEAS and supporting concepts for students K-12.

Chris: This was accomplished via a two week online workshop with postings from over 300 geoscientists - mostly academic. The underlying importance of this is that all of the world's citizens need to understand the Earth we inhabit and share!

Geo-Chat: How did you feel about the interaction in this online medium?

Chris: It was better than I expected for an online meeting because of the personalized "touches" of photos and locations (shown on a global map) and a lot of organizational work on the part of the facilitators!!!!

Geo-Chat: Wow - again - this is super!

Geo-Chat: Where can you point people if they are interested in checking this out?

Chris: Try this link

Geo-Chat: Thank you and have a nice lunch !!!!

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