Monday, June 23, 2008

Geo-Mentoring 'Live' - askageophysicist

       thank you to Thalbert McGinness reminding us to 'geo-mentor'

Sunday, June 22, 2008

SEG 2008 Annual Report - Geo-Mentoring Committee

The time of year has arrived for our submittal of the Geo-Mentoring Committee Report for the SEG 2008 Annual Report.

The beauty of this report can be its brevity through "linkage(s)" allowing you the reader to directly judge the value of Geo-Mentoring and its richness as shown by "posts" by geophysicists and geoscientists from around the world.

Your review can be as simple as "linking" to


For the more traditional, the SEG Geo-Mentoring Committee is a new committee with a mission of MENTORING.  A high priority this year has been to "collaborate" and "communicate" through the internet to effectively reach our global community of geophysicists numbering in the thousands.  Participation in our 'blog' and our program(s), ie. 2008 OTC New Waves for young professionals have been of priority focus (May 2008).

Participation has successfully demonstrated a proof-of-concept for our internet strategy.  The robustness of participation has been limited and seems to be related to the "newness" of using a 'blog' in this fashion and the format of the 'blogs' used during this past 8 months.  A shift in ''blog" format to Google was done after the first 6 months.  Clearly more experimentation in formats, etc., is needed.

Participation over the prior 8 months is of good quality and opens the aperture for more ideas for testing new geophysical cybercultural approaches.

It is exciting to see Geo-Mentoring's story unfold through the following participants:

Dunstan Ananyni Nigeria / SEG-ExxonMobil Student Education Program
Dr. Mamadou Sanou Diallo Mauritania / Houston, Texas
Dr. Roel Snieder Colorado School of Mines
Christine Morshedi SEG SSAL Committee - Volunteer / Houston, Texas
Heather King University of Houston
Nkeze Julius University of Buea in Cameroon
Linda Holman Associate Editor, SEG / Tulsa, Oklahoma
Rhonda Duey Sr. Editor, E&P, Harts Energy / Houston, Texas
Jenny Cole SEG Student Affairs Specialist
Dr. Bill Keach University of Utah
Lee Lawyer TOS (from The Other Side) in the TLE (The Leading Edge)
Dr. Gery la Universidad Nacional Federico Villareal / Peru
Anna Shaughnessy SEG Foundation Campaign Cabinet / Houston , Texas
Milos Cvetkovic Geo-Mentor University of Houston
An Advanced Placement Environmental Science Student Oxnard High School, California
Bo Zhao Houston, Texas
Fariz Fahmi Houston, Texas
Vic Lamanuzzi Houston, Texas
Thalbert McGinness Geo-Mentor BP (ret.)
Alan Cohen Geo-Mentor Lafayette, Louisiana
Dean Clark TLE (The Leading Edge) Tulsa, Oklahoma
Dr. Fred Aminzadeh President of the Society of Exploration Geophysicsits (2007-2008)
Bill Barkhouse Geo-Mentor The Woodlands, Texas
Geo-Mentoring Committee "Roster"
Mentee Requests . . . Ideas . . . Action Items
Contest . . . for Geo-Mentoring Photos

Metric: Participation by 24+ in 8 months from 5-6 different countries of origin.

Metric: A live "geo-mentoring" by Milos Cvetkovic to an Advanced Placement Environmental Science
Student in Oxnard, California (December, 2007).

Metric: A significant participation by the Geo-Mentoring Committee at the 2008 OTC New Waves program
mentoring over 500 young professional geologists, geophysicists, and engineers (May 2008).

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to our original SEG Geo-Mentoring Committee (2007-2008), the champions whose
enthusiasm and energy propelled us forward:

Alan J. Cohen University of Louisiana - Lafayette
Milos D. Cvetkovic University of Houston
Rhonda Duey Hart Energy Publications
Gerardo Herbozo P. U. Catolica De Valpariso
R. William Keach II Halliburton/BYU/EGI
L. C. (Lee) Lawyer Leeson Interests
Anna C. Shaughnessy Interpretation**3
Louise Pellerin Green Engineering Inc. and SEG Executive Committee Liaison (2007-2008)

Respectfully submitted by Bill Barkhouse, SEG Chair for Geo-Mentoring Committee (2007-2008), The Woodlands, Texas, June, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Your Turn . . . Round-Up Time for Your Comments . . .

As I learn more about all of you from your phenomenal e-mails, I am still "light" on your 'posts' to this geo-mentoring 'blog'.

So it is one of those periodic "round up" times, as they say in Texas, please reply through your comment(s) as to what you are thinking today!

Hope to hear from y'all !  Geo-Chat

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Geo-Chat Interview with Dr. Mamadou Sanou Diallo

Geo-Chat: Welcome Dr. Diallo. Please tell me about your exciting efforts to launch a non-profit organization called the "Initiative for the Advancement of Education In Africa".

Dr. Diallo: Its all about inspiring young Africans to seek higher education. We tell you our story as Africans who have gone through the same situation. We use the opportunities from where we are to open the connections between academic institutions in the West and in Africa, and leverage the dessimination of knowledge through mentoring.

We want young people to recognize the importance of education for the development of the Continent.

We hope to lead by personal example. Some of us have experienced difficult steps to get where we are in our careers. We want to share our experiences to inspire future geophysicists, geoscientists, and others in all education disciplines.

Please comment to this 'blog'.

Dr. Mamadou Sanou Diallo

Ing. Institut Algerien du Petrole
PhD University of Tuebingen

ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company

Houston, Texas

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Geo-Chat Welcomes Dr. Roel and His Great Energy Story !!!

Dear Bill,

(Permission edited by Geo-Chat):  I presume you want to make a link to one of my pages? 

That is absolutely fine. I have attached the image of my energy presentation in case you want users to clicks on an appealing image.  (This is Geo-Chat - I am still working on the image...).

Geo-Chat:  Please do not hesitate to view Roel's 'energy presentation' by clicking on the 'link' above.  And please, provide your comments by replying with comments following.

Best regards, Roel
Roel Snieder
W.M. Keck Distinguished Professor of Basic Exploration Science
Center for Wave Phenomena
Colorado School of Mines
1500 Illinois Street
Golden, CO 80401-1887
tel. +1.303.273.3456
fax +1.303.273.3478

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Geo-Chat Says Hi to Christine Morshedi - SEG SSAL Committee

Geo-Chat: Wow - what a day!!! Hi Christine! Isn't the SEG SSAL Committee the new SEG CUSP committee (what an acronym soup . . .)?

Chris: That' s right bill . . . .

Geo-Chat: I am excited about Geo-Mentoring and it reminds me of the Earth Science's Literacy Initiative Workshop that you just participated in.

Geo-Chat: Can you say a FEW words . . .

Chris: ESLI was an opportunity for earth scientists to formulate a list of essential curriculum BIG IDEAS and supporting concepts for students K-12.

Chris: This was accomplished via a two week online workshop with postings from over 300 geoscientists - mostly academic. The underlying importance of this is that all of the world's citizens need to understand the Earth we inhabit and share!

Geo-Chat: How did you feel about the interaction in this online medium?

Chris: It was better than I expected for an online meeting because of the personalized "touches" of photos and locations (shown on a global map) and a lot of organizational work on the part of the facilitators!!!!

Geo-Chat: Wow - again - this is super!

Geo-Chat: Where can you point people if they are interested in checking this out?

Chris: Try this link

Geo-Chat: Thank you and have a nice lunch !!!!

Geo-Chat Welcomes Heather King - The University of Houston

Geo-Chat: Hi Heather! What brings us to this opportunity for a Geo-Chat conversation today?

Heather: I am working on my Master's in Geophysics at U of H (University of Houston) and I just finished my first semester there. I received my undergraduate degree in geology from the University of Wyoming. I am doing a summer internship at a major oil company in Houston this summer and I am having lots of fun!

"It's a rush !!!! "

Geo-Chat: This is great that you just happened to stop by and say a few words for Geo-Mentoring.

Heather: I would like to ask if anyone has any advice for a newcomer to the petroleum industry?

Please comment to this blog!

Geo-Chat: Wow, Heather, thank you !!! Let's see some advice for Heather . . .