Friday, May 23, 2008

I Want Your Opinion of The Leading Edge by Linda Holeman

Hi, this is Geo-Chat with Linda Holeman, Associate Editor of The Leading Edge.

We are sitting in her space in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Geo-Chat: Linda, it is a real pleasure to be here talking with you today.

Linda: The pleasure is all mine, I am so excited about this 'blog'.

Geo-Chat: Is there something you would like to ask of our audience?

Linda: I want to find out how the Leading Edge can better engage young professionals. What would you like to see within the magazine that we are not currently providing? What kind of content what would spark your interests?

Geo-Chat: Well Linda, why have you not previously posted to this 'blog'?

Linda: Time! One of my coworkers has just moved to Florida quite suddenly. It's one of those things younger professionals like to do -- a complete re-evaluation of their lifestyle, what they want to do and where they want to go. It took a lot of courage and I'm full of admiration and I'm a wee bit jealous, but it left a gap temporarily! Wow -- here today, then gone ....

Geo-Chat: Thank you Linda for a really great interaction. I would like to invite you, the reader, to participate and respond to Linda's questions for help regarding content for The Leading Edge. This is Geo-Chat looking forward to your exciting comments . . . to come!


Unknown said...

How can I become a member of this blog community? What kind of information is required?

GeoChat said...

Dear L.,

I am going to interpret your questions as how can you receive an automatic notification of a new blog posting and update.

Please stay tuned, I need to go off and figure out how to do!

Best regards,

Geo-Chat !!!

GeoChat said...

Dear L.,

To receive an automatic update when this 'blog' changes, please go to the bottom of this 'blog' and subscribe:

Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)

deepak.geo11 said...

Hello Linda,

Well, I have something to say in connection to your query that how can The Leading Edge better engage the younger professionals? I fell it will be very nice if TLE has a section on papers contributed by the students itself, based on the little piece of work that the students used to carry out in their masters' or bachelors' research. I think this kind of a move will encourage the students and they will be connected to TLE in a better manner. The frequency of some such special section may be 2-3 in a year. But I believe if such an initiative is made, students all arouund the globe will feel fascinated with the idea.