Thursday, April 17, 2008

Geo-Mentoring at Six Months

Hi, this is Geo-Chat reporting on our first 6 months of creating and using a 'blog' in one of our many new Geo-Mentoring initiatives at SEG. 

Looking forward to the next 6 months, I am launching our SEG Geo-Mentoring 'blog' from a new platform in Google.  This will be our second phase of online experiments testing your ideas for improvement.

Please help us in learning globally.

Thank you from Geo-Chat 

Please give us your comments by "clicking" on 'comments' (following below and slightly to the right) and replying!!!!  Thank YOU!

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Yetunde Adeyeye said...

Hello, i am interested in this career development. just finished my in Geophysics and i would like to build my career in it. i need mentoring on my career and i am very much interested in success. i know this is a good start for me.
Thanks in anticipation.

GeoChat said...

Dear Yetunda Adeyeye,

This is Geo-Chat and I can only begin to tell you how excited I am that you are participating in Geo-Mentoring!

Are you planning to continue your education for a Master's or PhD, or are you currently employed?

What area of geophysics interests you?

We look forward to more interaction with exploring your wonderful and promising future in geophysics.

Deepest regards,

Geo-Chat !!! :)))

Anonymous said...

Hi Geo Chat team,
I am so happy to learn about this wonderful opportunity offered by SEG. It would definately broaden our sphere of the opprtunities in the science of Geophysics and also give us students from Africa the encouragement to embrace the discipline with our entire hearts.
Thank a million!